Want to become professional Mercedes Truck driver? Can’t miss it!!!

GBD Mercedes Truck Simulator is a must for those, who love adventures behind the wheel of powerful machines.

This game you put you in the seat of Mercedes-Benz Truck on the roads of Rio de Janeiro. You will have a chance to drive 7 fantastic machines and use them to accomplish 12 missions.

After you finish the mission, you will get the payment increasing your balance, which can be used to buy new trucks.

Remember! Each mission may require different truck model! Be smart and choose proper machine. Heavy trucks for simple services may raise the cost, thus minimize the profit.



You can choose one of eight different cameras to select the best view,  use accelerometer or steering wheel control mode and customize your truck and change the look and feel the way you want, depending on your preferences.

You need to beware of fuel efficiency & fuel consumption, stay within allowed speed limits in order to avoid tickets and follow GPS that will lead you to the place of your next mission.


The game will follow your day time, which means it is YOU, who decides whether you drive during the day or during the night!

GBD Mercedes Truck Simulator has been developed by PAC Sistemas and is offered for mobile devices. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, requires iOS 7.0 or later. Android requires minimum version of 4.1.

Game is available FREE in App Store or Google Store.

We are constantly working to improve the game and deliver better user experience. If you have any suggestions or would like to propose some improvement feel free to contact us.

Keep on drivin’, Guys!


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