Take the challenge and deliver cargo, earn more and buy new trucks.

Be on time with the cargo in the final destination. Earn money to buy new machines. GBD Mercedes Truck Simulator offers 12 missions to accomplish.

You will have the chance to take a part in multiple missions, among other you will find transport of fuel, furniture, home appliances and oil lubricant. You will deliver corn seeds, containers and hardware to final destination. There are also missions requiring skills and ability of dealing with much heavier cargo. You will have the chance to transport helicopter from docs to local airport and also steel pipes to construction destination.

Remember! Each mission may require different truck model! You need to be smart to choose the proper machine since heavy trucks for simple services may raise the cost, thus minimize the profit.

We are constantly working to improve the game and deliver better user experience. If you have any suggestions or would like to propose some improvement feel free to contact us.

Keep on drivin’, Guys!


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